At what age should I start Pilates?

It is never late to start Pilates, however one can never be too young either.Don’t wait until you have a problem, get strong and fit before you develop the problems we see which are often a combination of age and poor posture.

What do I need to wear to my first session?

The most comfortable thing to wear are gym clothes, something with a bit of stretch is always good. Shorts and a t-shirt are also fine. If you go for shorts make sure they are not too baggy and likely to slide up of fall down.

I have a specific medical condition, can I still do Pilates?

As long as you have clearance from your doctor you can do Pilates. We work closely with both doctors and physiotherapists and work with all sorts of very specific needs.

I have been told Pilates will help me lose weight?

Pilates is very good to help tone the body and help with loose fitting skin.However you will need to use Pilates in conjunction with an eating plan and/or cardio program. Having said that it will also depend on how much weight you are planning on losing.

I think Pilates is too slow and boring for me, I want a real challenge, do you have anything a bit more challenging?

Pilates has three basic levels of difficulty and technicality, so we can plan exactly what each person requires/wants. Our Boot Camp class is ideal for those who enjoy sweating it out.

I am a man, isn’t Pilates just for ladies?

A lot of men feel this way, and are then pleasantly surprised when they find it quite challenging. We deal with many male athletes as well as with older men with injuries or postural pain.

I am a senior citizen, would I manage with Pilates?

Absolutely! Pilates is extremely effective in fixing a number of issues associated with getting older. Not to mention being in a feel good space where you can see your not the only one going through the process.

I am pregnant and want to start Pilates, would I be able to?

We offer prenatal Pilates as well as post natal Pilates.

I am not the gym going type, will I fit in?

Pilates draws in people from all walks of life, everybody will fit in as we will design a program specifically suited to you.

Is this just an older person’s form of exercise?

Not at all, we want everyone to do Pilates. Prevention is better than cure.So start as soon as you can to prevent injuries and issues with bad posture.In fact most of our clients say they wish they had started years earlier.

My doctor/physio says I have a scoliosis, can I still do Pilates?

Pilates is possibly one of the best things you could do! We work so closely with the spine and aim to get it as correct as the body allows.

I have a hip/knee replacement, can I do Pilates?

Yes you can, we have specific training and expertise in dealing with “replacements”. We will consult with your orthodedic surgeon as to any individual do’s and don’ts, we generally know exactly what you will and will not be able to do with us.

I had spinal surgery/spinal fusion/disk replacement, would I be able to do Pilates?

Of course! This is what we do; we work with serious injuries/post operative conditions.

What are the more common injuries that you see coming to your studio?

The most common problems that we see are pastorally related aches and pains. For example neck and back tension caused by poor posture and/or the position people are in for most of the day. Most common people who sit at a desk will have these types of issues, although with every client we aim to align the body and bring back pain free posture.

When looking at injuries we commonly see examples that would include the following injuries caused by falls, sports accidents, over-training, lack of flexibility, accidents, joint laxity, lack of training and fitness and many more.