The most important part of our team is our beautiful, state of the art studio…..

Nestled in the heart of White River, Studio On Core offers you the best quality training and facilities, but still has that relaxed, friendly feel. Our studio is equipped with the latest imported equipment from Canada and we have highly qualified and experienced instructors. Our studio a perfect mix of country sophistication and hi-tech training centre. With a passion for rehabilitation and the most advanced technology and techniques, you will have your every need catered for. We pride ourselves on giving only the most professional service.

“We wanted the studio to be on par with the top studios in places like Toronto and London and so we bought only the latest and greatest equipment. We are so excited for people to experience the finest that the Pilates world has to offer, as well as to spend time in our carefully put together studio.”

Apart from being well equipped the studio is designed in such a way that there is ample room for classes and privates sessions. We have a safe, professional and friendly environment that will inspire you to push yourself harder.